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Thank you for visiting us at Fair Life Africa Foundation. "We believe in holistic, preventative and empowering solutions to universal issues..."

Our Mission Statement

FAIR LIFE AFRICA FOUNDATION is a progressive, humanitarian organisation. It is committed to the mission of empowering people through practical social initiatives and programs. It stands for a fairer life for all people, by improving the life chances of the most disadvantaged. It serves people of all faiths, races, gender and any other orientation, without

Who Are We

Fair Life Africa Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation based in Lagos, Nigeria. We operate through the establishment of social initiatives which alleviate oppression by ‘empowering people for a fairer life…‘ Our Vision is “to see a more just and equal society in Africa…” Our Objectives are simply to: enrich the lives of the most impoverished

What Do We Do?

Through our first initiative, Care Continuity Challenge, we supported children, who had made the streets home, to be reconciled with their family and to have a better, more productive life.  The three names represent three stages in the Initiative.  Care is about reaching out and showing love by providing basic necessities;  Continuity is about securing

Disadvantage To Advantage!

Through the Disadvantage to Advantage Initiative, Fair Life Africa aims to: • Seek out children with potential for excellence, who are disadvantaged in society to support; • ‘Adopt’ these children, and provide them with long-term succour and opportunities for growth (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and academic); • Enrol children in schools/universities or vocational centres/technical

How It Works

The main criteria for support through the programme are: A. Recipients of support are children, boys and girls, who qualify for assessment between the ages of 9 and 17; B. Recipients of support are disadvantaged in society, either by poverty in health or in wealth; C. Recipients of support are bright and capable, with potential

What Can You Do?

We are looking for friends and supporters, who can share with us: Financial donations Physical contributions Skills and professional support Discounted services and products Time in volunteering and mentoring Contacts from their networks These are just a few ways you can get involved.  If you would like to help, please get in touch with us

Get Involved!

Are you excited?  If you are moved by what we do, please DONATE today.  You can make a transfer to: Fair Life Africa Foundation at GTBank acct – 0106643687. If you can spare the time or have the skills, why not consider VOLUNTEERING? Stay tuned for our latest updates.  SIGN UP for our e-newsletters. We are also on Facebook

What Our Kids Say...

Here are a few testimonials from the children we have worked with and continue to work with.


(Sponsored by Pinefield's Schools)

Fair Life Africa Foundation also makes me feel among, I mean taking the kids on an outing, meeting some noble, wealthy and high class people and many more. The organization has been doing a lot, God has been their strength and I pray God to keep making their existence a fairer one...


(Needs a Sponsor)

I never imagined that I would be following my dream to be a musician. I took part in the FLA Talent Search 2015 with Ultima Limited, and was amazed to be one of the winners! Fair Life Africa has been sponsoring me and enrolled me in a music training institute. I am now working on my first single!


(Sponsored child)

I really love school, and I was unhappy when I thought I couldn't go anymore. But then Aunty Nishola told me that someone wanted to sponsor me, and it made me so happy. I am now studying hard to achieve my dream to be an accountant!


(Sponsored by Shiv Lila Polymers Ltd)

I love the way Mrs Ufuoma smiles whenever we have our parties. You can tell that she really cares about us, and she always wants us to be happy.

Why You Should Join Us...

Here are a few things about us that you may not know!


We’ve made that many children happy!


We love our work that much! (in %)


People support our cause!


Children still need our help!

Our Specialisation

We pride ourselves in our professionalism and accountability, because we believe anything worth doing is worth doing well!

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Vast Knowledge Base

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Assessments Skills

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Our Sponsors

We really couldn't do what we do without the support of these amazing people!!! We believe there are many more like them, and we hope you will join them and help us keep making a difference in our world...

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